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A Bit About Web Owl

Web Owl (formerly known as Avatar Brands) offers boutique website design services – specifically Website Design, Web Maintenance & FREE Website Setup services to entrepreneurs & small businesses.

We are results driven and we have experience working in many different industries in South Africa and abroad.

Web Owl was born when Aasiyah M. decided to turn her passion (web design) into a paycheck!
Aasiyah works remotely and has been in the web design space for 5+ years now.

“One of the main reasons I love web design, is not only the love for web design itself, but the freedom it gives me, I’m able to work with a client on the other end of the world while I’m at home sipping on my morning cup of tea.” 😬 – Aasiyah M.

We can design & build your website, get it in tip-top shape, tweak where necessary to help potential consumers convert, and keep your website well looked after with our web maintenance services.

Why Is Having A Website So Important?

The number of potential customers that are found online is much larger than the people you are likely to attract locally.

By having a website you can reach an enormous audience that is both cost effective and measurable.

Other benefits of having a website include:

– The ability to interact with your prospects and learn exactly what they need.

– Access to a global marketplace.

– You can reach more customers for less money.

– You can get to know your audience personally which can help to create brand loyalty.

Our Web Design Services

Web Design​

With a website you can build brand awareness & grow your business online when implementing a good digital marketing strategy.

Web Maintenance

After having your website designed, you'd need to keep it in tip top shape. With our web maintenance services, you can do just that!

FREE Website Setup

Kick it off with our FREE website setup service. You will have everything properly configured to grow your website or blog online.

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